The Benefits of Manufacturing in Mexico

Our clients take advantage of many strategic advantages when they make the decision to move or start their manufacturing in Mexico. Aside from being able to start their new operations within weeks of making the commitment, these companies reap financial and speed benefits all without sacrificing quality in their end product.

  • Get a great workforce at a lower cost
    • Highly educated workforce with graduates from the top technical universities in Sonora (over 35 graduating classes of engineers and 20 graduating classes for technicians)
    • Wages range from 15% to 25% of comparable rates in the U.S. Normal work week is 48 hours. Productivity often exceeds the U.S. rates.(U.S. Bureau of Labor)
    • High concentration of English-speaking middle managers
  • Keep your proximity to the U.S. markets
    • All the benefits of offshoring–right across the borders
    • Simplified operations due to same or similar time zones
    • Quick and efficient shipping across the border–no costly long distance ocean crossings
    • More than 360 miles of border link Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.
  • Create a competitive advantage because of your cost savings
    • Increase your bottom line with cost savings, while keeping quality standards high
    • Mexico’s foreign trade agreements with the U.S. keep duties low (Mexico has 12 trade agreements with 44 countries)
    • Modern, up-to-date, and connected industrial properties
    • Increased productivity–the standard maquiladora work week is 48 hours
  • Similar manufacturing and business practices to their U.S. counterparts
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