Manufacturing in Mexico

Since 1965, Mexico has been building programs to attract foreign investment in manufacturing. After 44 years, leading international companies continue to expand their market by building and operating their offshore or nearshore manufacturing in Mexico. In doing so, these companies are reducing cost of operation, expanding their market and maintaining their business quality standards, as well as taking advantage of the more than 360 miles of border linking Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.

Over the years, Mexican maquiladoras have progressed from high volume, low tech, labor intensive assembly lines to high mix- low volume, contract manufacturing facilities staffed by highly-skilled, electrical and mechanical engineers as well as technicians. Some of the most skilled workforce present in Mexico are high-level employees of our client companies. In fact, our President, Maria Elena is President of the Board of UTN (Nogales Technical University (link to institute website), a technical university that offers twenty-three bachelors’ degrees, eight masters programs, and three doctorate programs among its six campuses and trains many technicians in the Maquila industry.

Maquiladoras serve a wide-range of international industries–including aerospace, automotive, electronic, medical, metal processing, plastic molding and many others.

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