Sheltering Your Company So You Can Focus on Success

Working under a shelter plan program allows you to test Mexican productivity and cost savings before committing to incorporating in Mexico and forming a Mexican subsidiary. We created the first shelter program in Mexico over 40 years ago–a model being copied over and over again by our competitors.

The shelter plan concept is a way for your manufacturing company to focus on the operations, research and development and the general business operations while we protect your company from the complexities of doing business in a foreign country. Let us manage the local regulations and laws while you concentrate on helping your business reach its goals.

We help you understand the prerequisites required to obtain Mexican business permits and operate legally as a maquiladora as required by SECON, the Mexican equivalent of the U.S. Department of Commerce. We’ll assist with:

  • Required permits such as corporate charters, legal powers of attorney and maquila contracts
  • Meeting Mexican environmental agency compliances
  • The oversight and management of the construction of building sites throughout the entire process
  • Coordinating lease agreements on existing buildings
  • Recruiting the best personnel for your business
  • and much more.

We are the pioneer in the maquiladora industry, helping more than 225 companies start up and operate their manufacturing operations in Mexico since 1969. Because we’re the most experienced shelter plan operator in Mexico, we have the vision and foresight to anticipate your specific needs and provide customized solutions to execute your program quickly and efficiently.