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Collectron gay male sex has been operating as a shelter company for more than four decades in Sonora, Mexico. As the pioneer in shelter plan and maquiladora services, we have helped more than 225 companies start up and operate their maquiladora operations.

Supported gay cock by the local, state and federal governments of Mexico, our shelter and maquiladora services will enable your company to quickly initiate a manufacturing operation in Mexico without establishing a local legal presence and without making many of the investments and expenditures associated with near-sourcing.

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To Anal Porn say we have extensive knowledge in the start-up and operations of maquiladora plants is an understatement. Our expert, bicultural executive team each has an average of over 27 years of experience in maquiladora services–making us one of the most experienced teams in the business.

Our celebrity sex tapes team looks forward to welcoming your company to Mexico. Learn more about our services to see how Collectron can help your company find success in Mexico.