Maquiladora Services

From Full Shelter to Maquiladora Services, Collectron Can Help Guide Your Company

We created the first shelter program in Mexico over 40 years ago–a model being copied over and over again by our competitors.

The shelter plan concept is a way for your manufacturing company to focus on the operations, research and development and the general business operations while we protect your company from the complexities of doing business in a foreign country. Let us manage the local regulations and laws while you concentrate on helping your business reach its goals.

If your company would prefer to take the next step and operate a full maquila or factory, Collectron can customize the perfect solution and provide assistance only where needed to get your manufacturing operations off the ground. Our history of successfully launching over 225 businesses in Sonora gives us the knowledge and business connection to make sure your operations have everything from the best real estate and workforce to the strongest supply chain partners.

Take Advantage of the Amazing Benefits of Moving Your Operations to Mexico:

  • Get a great workforce at a lower cost
    • Highly educated workforce with graduates from the top technical universities in Sonora
    • Labor rates, on average 25% less than the U.S. market
    • High concentration of English-speaking middle managers
  • Keep your proximity to the U.S. market
    • All the benefits of offshoring–right across the border
    • Simplified operations due to same or similar time zones
    • Quick and efficient shipping across the border–no costly long distance ocean crossings
  • Create a competitive advantage because of your cost savings
    • Increase your bottom line with cost savings, while keeping quality standards high
    • Mexico’s foreign trade agreements with the U.S. keep duties low
    • Reasonable lease rates on modern, up-to-date, and connected industrial properties
    • Increased productivity–the standard maquiladora work week is 48 hours

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