Site Selection Expertise

Sonora is a vast state with multiple opportunities for each of our clients seeking to open a manufacturing location in Mexico. With our experienced site selection team we will help “short-list” the best location or site options for your new operation. Finding the perfect site is a crucial step in the set-up of your plant. Our team will find the best sites based on:

  • Your workforce needs
  • The supply chain logistics
  • The transportation costs
  • Freight times
  • Real estate costs


We started the facility from the ground up. We built it to our specifications. I could not have done this without Collectron. They were there from the first drawing, the first shovel, all the way up to the last move of every piece of equipment…they understand the law, they understand how things operate in Mexico. I honestly don't know how a company would start up (in Mexico) without a company like Collectron.

Robert Brenner, VP global Quality AVNET